Hey guy, nice web page!

I applaud anything that spreads reason in the world.

I don't know how common my own experience is, but I'm a lifelong atheist. My parents were forced to go to church when they were kids, but blew it off when they became adults.

My father is a scientist, and simply always dismissed religion with a wave of his hand and a terse "bunch of garbage". :) I am forever indebted to them for not brainwashing me. People aren't allowed to vote until 18, I think being exposed to brainwashing before adulthood should be illegal as well.

I am fortunate to be Pure in the sense that I have never once attended any church for the purpose of spiritual guidance or religious curiousity. Just weddings, and a friend's confirmation here and there, just to be social. And yet, somehow, I am an ethical person, to the point that I have had Christian friends remark that I act more "Christian" in daily life than they do.

Like anyone I have been occasionally accosted by believers of various stripes, and have read up on the topic sufficiently to engage in debates to amuse myself. I may pop into your chat rooms to see what's doing, but in any case, highly entertaining site and a very worthwhile cause. Keep up the good work!

The Pure One
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