To any ex-Christians in New York

From Diane

I'm a freelance writer based out of New York, and I'm looking for a religion story.

Could you direct me to any Ex Christians here that would be willing to talk to me?

What are the major issues in terms of Ex-Christians that are being underreported by the media?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

dianabritton AT gmail DOT com


Anonymous said...


Would these 3 links below be a reference to you?

I sure hope this link to a "Pastor Diana Britton (Secretary)" was never you?

If you're for real, it would be interesting to talk to you, but I think you wouldn't really find anything of (public) interest in my own slow, methodical conversion.

I am however fairly sure that a few ex-christians here, would indeed have some very interesting stories you might savor.

Best of luck in getting them to step forward.


Anonymous said...

If interested why???
check this out for a start

If you are serious reply on the comments of ex

Diana said...

To atheisttoothfairy, the first three links are mine, but no, I've never been a pastor. Are you aware of any ex-christian movements in New York? This would be of interest to me.

To anonymous, I'm interested because it seems like ex-christians and this movement is not something that is very familiar to the mainstream media. Why did you recommend I look into this church in Texas?


Anonymous said...


Because you wanted info on what did it.
Do not wish to speak publicly about it.
Will talk to you in confidence.
Use your head. Don't you get it??? real people have experienced real loss ( like families marriages status...and all for a man made lie posing as the ETERNAL TRUTH)
Take care.

Why are YOU interested?????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your interest I trust it is genuine...

It is a safe bet that many people posting/visiting on this website have been hurt terribly by a system of corruption and deceit that claims to hold the keys to ETERNAL TRUTHS and in fact does not (church). Of course there is also the blatant, outright, cruelty of it all.
I would like to talk to someone about my situation specifically or complain about the general mind screw that is evangelical /charismaniac christianity.

I would like very much to know who you are.
What publication are you writing this for?

Many people that stand up and call a turd a turd in "Christian circles" are immediately shown the door. In my case I was sold a bill of goods. Except this bill if you didn't buy into it has the extra added benefit of sending you on a one-way trip to HELL. GOTCHA SUCKAS!

Don't know if you are interested but I will talk to you.
Just post on the website and let everyone know who you are and provide a few more details about yourself and your project.

Have a blessed day in the LAWD.
Remember, your ears don't work if your hands are moving!

Anonymous said...

A Theist Toot Ferry??? What?

Hey seriously, I would be interested in hearing about your slow, methodical de-conversion.
Maybe we can one up each other.

St. Biff of the Burbs

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