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Abominations that are causing desolation

From Gary T

To all "ex", "Non" christians, and all others reading this who feel they are disapointed or confused by the amount of ignorance, lies, perversion and confusion that is rapidly overtaking much of the Christian world today - I understand much of your heartaches, and I'm a Christian. I have'nt been going to a "church" religiously for many years now. We are at a time where we are experiencing "abominations that are causing desolation" due to the enemy within, and its growing strength. The strength of evil forces expanding throughout the world as more an more people fall prey to the temptations of an ever growing babylonian lifestyle, which intern causes lies, deciet, subversion and satanic influence within so - called church leaders, and the congregation. There is also much debate over the truth of the scripture, and there are many people who have many diferent views, all must be taken with a grain of salt and thouroughly examined and studied in a theological and historical text before making decisions on any claims. However, because of my self education, self respect, and respect for the devine man Jesus an his sacrifice, and a belief in God due to common sense, I remain a Christian in faith. Just as you urge people to investigate the downfall of the denomonations and the transgressions of weak willed Christian practicioners, I urge you to remember what caused you to decide to believe in the first place, to keep your open mind and heart open to hope. And I will pray for each andevery one of you, to find your personal peace at the end of your searches and your battles. Amen