Thank you for your web site. I agree totally, raised in a Mormon controlling family full of greed and lies. Thank you for the truth.

Religion has caused 99.9% of all the wars death and misery that exist in the world today. The competition for souls, "join my church", "give to this church", "take away from your own family to help god", etc. It is similar to the taxation of government. to govern, a form of slavery to tax, to take away. Other then proper leadership of calibur. (to help grow) of the people by the leadership, not by the people for the government to grow. appropriation of money to the people. for education,for live style choices.not only to the rich or those who have access to it. we have gotten away from our constitution, and municipal religious government has past laws rcw's to put those in jail for drugs and other {moral laws} against the wishes or vote of the people. a burden on which the people should have never been put under. I could go on for pages and pages of the wrongs that exist in this incorporated {undergo and church } county of Grant .in the state of Washington. {brain washington of people} thank you

I, John Phillip Cunningham ,do charge religion with working against the people -Treason.

John Cunningham
royal city wa.

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