$10 challenge

I have read your $10 challenge and you will have my $10!

Unfortunately, I'm skint until the end of the month, but as soon as my cheque clears I'll paypal your share to you. Thats my word.

I stumbled on your site quite by accident. I was looking for some jokes and came across one of God's Billboards, in searching for more I found your take on them.

Your site looks pretty huge, I've only looked at a few of the pages including your own testimony - wow! The Church has abused you mightily.

I assume from the nature of your site that you are happy to post all replies. I hope that I will be able to reply as elequently as you have posted. You've obviously exerted great efforts in building this site.

Speak to you at the end of this month / beginning of next

Robert Kinchin

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