Hello to whom it may concern

my general reaction to your site is as follows:

You say to Christians "Who are you to believe in God and tell me I'm going to hell?" Well, the converse could be asked of you: "Who are you to say there is no God, no Hell, etc." The truth is that we simply do not KNOW -- we make a choice to believe or not to believe in these things. As a former Christian I do believe in God and I hold that hell is only for those who freely choose to go there themselves - a loving God will not force Himself upon an unwilling human being, to do so would be spiritual rape. While I'm not ready to deny the existence of God or the spiritual, I do believe that your remarks about Christians are right on the money. Many of them have never grown in their understanding of their faith beyond their avoidance of hell. Thus, many of them are complete morons when it comes to proselytizing. (Did I spell that right?) :)

I'm lucky to have a certain family member who will patiently tolerate my vitriolic rants and my doubts and fears. While he wears the label Catholic, he's also a good man who's not afraid to explore these possibilities - in his words, he himself goes back and forth between "lost in his faith" to "I don't believe a fucking word of it." While I'm not keen on people who call themselves Christian (for obvious reasons) he is a breath of fresh air and I'm hoping he'll be around for a long long time. (Police work is a tough and dangerous job and not for the faint of heart!)

Thank you for this site and for showing me there is more than one point of view on this subject. To me, a faith that cannot stand up to questioning is not a real faith. A Christian who reads this should remember we learn more about ourselves from our critics than we do our admirers, and thus cut you a break.

-Sign me, Stop The Merry Go Round I Wanna Get off in New York aka: Conster

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