Enjoy the Hell you don't believe in

Well, that was a very interesting site.

nonense, through and through, and very interesting contradictions you made on every single article.

It comes down to this:

1 - You were never a real Christian; you had an emotional experience but then lost the "feeling" but never truly repented and were saved.

2 - you took your frustrations out on the Faith, rather than appealing to the Lord Himself.

3 - you love sin (probably homosexuality or some other sexual sin) rather than holiness, so you had to try to "destroy" Christianity (it's been tried, and failed, keep trying if you like spitting into a hurricane gale).

4 - you try to "encourage" other "ex-Christians" (who are really only unsaved people, who have "returned to the mud like pigs" just like you have, showing who you truly are, but you lure in these "others" to make yourself feel more justified.

5 - you stick to materialistic science, quoting the words of others who likewise have the morality of a child molester, and puppet their teachings & words to back you up, to harden your further.

6 - You embrace materialistic science, ignoring the science of the Bible and true "clear thinkers" (us) who have all kinds of education above yours in thse areas, but you embrace materialism and sink to the level of thinking all of existence is an accident, and that despite darwin's fans (modern day scientists) all abandoning evolution like a fairy tale, you still think the human eye could have evolved (unlike Darwin).

7 - You encourage masturbation, as no person of the opposite gender worth 2 cents would EVER want someone who is as vile, ammoral, and nasty as you are; so your hand is all you'll ever get;

8 - (If you've read this far w/out exploding in a fit of satanic hate) you make it your life's work to attack the very thing you don't even believe in.

9 - You quote early "Christian" teachings like Roman Catholicism, Luther, calvin, and other "Christians" just because so many idolize those people (as I do not), and use their testimonies/stories/histories to attack Jesus - sorry, Charlie, but it takes more brains than that - True Christianity has nothing to do with such men.

10 - You attack the Bible, despite the total scientific, historic, archaeological, and ELS Code proofs of the scriptures (but you're too stupid for that).

11 - You claim "immorality" in the Old Testament and New, but that is because you were never saved, and do not see the context nor the point, but only venting flatulence at what you do not understand like a baby with gas.

You are a very foolish, pathetic small-minded, cold-hearted person on the equivalent moral level of an islamic terrorist; continue in your perverted, hating, loathing of life existence, and I will see you at your Judgement, as a witness against you.

Enjoy the Hell you don't believe in, but is coming to devour you for spitting on the Son of God.

comment added by the webmaster:
This bold Christian signed the letter as ME with the fake email address of cantemailmefromhell@hotmail.com which is a shame because I really wanted to thank him or her for the hilarious belly laughs their letter gave me. This is the best letter sent to me yet ! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOOOLLLLLOOLOL !!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone. It is so good to be free of religion!

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