Thanks for the site

Thanks for the site. It's saving me lots of time tracking down stuff. My history is somewhat like yours; we're about the same age. We went to an AG church in Seattle; as a child I didn't have the capacity to appreciate the strangeness of it all.

But I remember one thing in the High School Sunday School class, where the youth pastor held a multi-week presentation on how it was likely that JFK (who at the point had been dead 10 years) was really alive and was probably the Antichrist. I remember thinking at the time, pfffft.

I used to think that going to (now Catholic) church with my children was, at worst, harmless. I no longer think that's the case, because I wasn't being honest with myself or with them. They, like I, think it's a waste of time. Why indoctrinate them with something you yourself don't believe in, only to later have to un-indoctrinate them?

Best regards to you. This is my real name; if you post this, please anonymize it. Thanks!


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