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Q: What do you call a pastor who impregnates his brother's wife? A: Earl

Sent in by Jan from deep within the buckle of the Bible Belt

I'm a member of your ex-christians group and this is a newslink to my old church that is in the news here in Atlanta again. I was a member of Earl Paulk's Cathedral of the Holy Spirit for over 13 years. I left there in 1992 after Earl's Brother Don had an affair with one of my roommates and dear friends. The whole time I had been there I had heard rumors about the Paulks being sexually depraved, but I never believed the rumors... I mean, after all, they were my pastors, right? Good people... They'd never hurt me. Uh-huh.

In 2005 I started an online support group for people who have left CHHC and we work constantly to keep the stories of Earl Paulk, Donnie Earl Paulk, Don Paulk, and the whole hillbilly gang in the public eye, both here in Georgia and everywhere else.

This most recent scandal is outlined here on pt. 1 and pt. 2 of this FOX-5 I-Team report. The paulks are being sued by a bunch of different folks, and some of the depositions occurred in their attorney's offices in Cobb Co., Georgia. There Earl said he'd never been with anyone but his wife and the woman who is currently suing him. Turns out, he was lying (surprise!). After DNA tests were completed, it turns out that Earl is the biological father of the man raised as his nephew, the current pastor of the church, who was conceived with the minister of music, Earl's brother Don's wife. (Hear strains of the theme from deliverance playing in the background?) So... his nephew is really his son.

The Cobb Co. DA takes a dim view of being lied to under oath and hopefully there will be arrests made in this story soon. Here's hoping justice prevails.

There are 1,000s of people who left that church over the years and none of us will ever be the same. We totally trusted the Paulks and did whatever they asked us to, even to our own detriment. Yes, it was and is a cult. I'm very happy to be gone from there.

Thanks for all you do to help out those of us who are working through our own beliefs, or nonbeliefs, as the case may be. I'm an atheist and very happy about it, but in my online support group I deal with people who are still trying to have a faith in God and they are just a mess.

Thanks again,

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