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Thursday, January 12, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

I'm a pastor in Indiana

I just came across your site for the first time. Interesting. But just between you and me (I'd hate to disillusion your readers) it's not christianity you are ex-ing, it's religion. The Christianity you are debunking is as far as I can tell man-made and man-altered. The message of God through Jesus Christ said nothing of retributin for AIDS, hating homosexuals, or even the right to be an atheist. God says love your neighbor as yourself; can't love me then you don't love yourself, and if you don't love yourself you don't love God.

Loving the unloveable; that's what self-made Chrsitians can't do because that brings them down to the level of--EVERYONE!!!

By the way, I'm a pastor in Indiana, and I too am a little discouraged with "Man's Christianity"; I serve a living God not a set of man-made rules and opinions. My brother told his friend about my church: "It's not your momma's church of God!" Keep on keepin' on--raise up the name of the Lord!!!

Denny Gibbons
denny at occog dot com