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Saturday, March 26, 2005                                                                                       View Comments

Calling all Ex-christians!

sent in by Tim : elpoeta at dmailman dot com

Calling all Ex-christians! I thought this might be a fun thing to share with all of you. I would like your input. I was going to do this myself, but I thought it would be rather fun to include all of you, too. You all are also very good at expressing yourselves (I'm ok at it), and have made many convincing arguments that cannot be refuted using the bible. Here we go!

I travel a lot for my job, and in my travels I have met a few believers. Some fundies, some not. There is one in particular who works for a company that we buy from. I was talking to him about the errors and such in the bible. He was surprised at my de-conversion, and has (arrogantly)offered to help clear up any "misconceptions" I may have. He said he could "blow any of them out of the water". I believe that this man has nowhere near the bible knowledge and understanding that all of us posess.

Let's give this guy a wake-up call in the name of truth.

I am asking any of you to as briefly as possible give either your best argument for your rejection of christianity, or a few contradictions, errors, or impossibilities in the bible that are unexplainable. Feel free to mix it up a bit, just make sure you give it your best shot, and help me convince this guy of the ridiculousness of christianity.

I am counting on you, my friends. Lets have some fun!