You are an arshole!

from Janine

you are a self righteous, pompus arshole who blames the world and especially christians for all ur trouble in life. U should take responibilty for ur actions and stop blaming Christ. Only u r responsible for ur life NO ONE ELSE.

U have choosen to walk way from christ because of ur pride and hurt that God wasnt a give me god who gave u everything u ever asked for. People in the church make mistakes and so do u. u alone are to blame for the postion u are in!!!

U choose to not come under any leadership of the church by going to lots of diffent churches and when they tried to help u, u left because ur pride was hurt.. U werent in it for christ but rather for ur self and what u could get out of God. Christianity is not about u! and wat u can get from God. It is bout u being lost in ur sin and God choosing to save u of his own free will. GOD DOES NOT OWE U ANYTHING!!!!

The world does not owe u anything, I dont owe u anything. ur life is your own so grow up and take responsibilty for ur own actions and stop blaming others. The buck stops at u!

To Janine from the Webmaster

of ExChristian.Net:,

Thank you for your typically Christian comments!

Oh, and Janine, I did delete the other seven times you posted the exact same message. BTW, I love you janine, with an atheistic love that says you can be whatever you want, OKAY?

Ah, I however, still refuse to believe in fairy tales, even JESUS fairy tales.


Dave VA

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