no more atheists

How dare you feeble minded people mock the One true God who made you.How can you turn your back on the truth.

You think you know everything when you are in fact fools like the bible say.I pity you for when judgment day comes you will be crying for you stupidity.If you people have everything figured out please explain to me how the world could come to exist without God?

All your foolishness and pure blindness to the truth are caused by Satan and your earthly logic cannot possibly explain God.

please repent and accept Jesus before it is too late!!



Anonymous said...

I'm an atheist but that doesn't mean that i dont believe in him.
I just want to wait and see when i die, what the truth is. And no the devil has nothing to do with this cuz i control my own mind. There might only be us and no gods. Maybe someone just made up some gods so that people could have something to believe in. But im still not saying that he is not real. Maybe Buddha, Allah, Loki or Anubis is real too. You have your opinions and you have the right of saying them in public, but dont call us atheist's fools. Say that in the Afterlife. If there is one.

Anonymous said...

you know that satan was originally a good angel if you take the version from the Toran. Satan didn't like humans so he tested them (hence the snake in the genesis book) and he was God's right hand man before Metatron came into the picture. Metatron being the human Enoch who ascended to heaven from heaven before death. I am neither christian or jew and follow the bhuddist principles when it comes to a way of life. But I was interested in the stories.

Christians don't like to read into their religion and their origins much do they. This whole "just wait til judgement day!" nonsense is used to protect themselves from their true fair. That what they were bought up on is a lie.

The Old Testament is the toran but altered, but by whom? Are we even allowed to assume or let others assume for us? The Last verse of the NT forbids alterations but that happens all the time. And they are all left to guess what the "book of truth" actually means. It all seems half baked to me.

Anonymous said...

i happen to be an atheist - i think that it is you who is blinded and unable to see past your own bible.

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