10 dollar paypal

Hey, I borrowed your "10 dollar paypal" idea, and wrote this post on a christian apologetic message board.

"Jesus said, that 'any who claim to love me will do as I say'. Those who claim to love me but do not keep my teachings are liars, and the truth is not in them. The Bible also says that liars and lukewarm will NOT inheiret the kingdom of heaven, God will SPEW them out of his site on judgement day...so you better LISTEN UP.

Jesus said, give FREELY to ANYONE who ASKS. If someone demands your cloak, give him your tunic also.

Here is my simple request. Send me $150 dollars. If you do not, you are not giving freely to I who am asking. You are therefore, by letter of the Bible, going to hell if you don't comply.

Let's see how many of you ACTUALLY believe the Bible."

Funny thing is, one guy said he would send me $150 dollars, but if I cashed it, God would put a curse on me. Supposedly, the check is already in the mail.

Here's his response:
"I want to make myself clear, you send me your mailing address I will send you a check, but I hope you are clear on one thing if you cash the check then you better be prepared for whatwill happen to you, you are bringing upon yourself curse and you will loose much more than $150 you are trying to extort from me. I will give you the money because I know God is going to judge you, and I can't wait and see how, you will beg me one day to take back the $150 to relieve your judgment, and I may refuse. So send by e-mail your mailing address if you are prepared. "

Do you think this guy is a lunitic? I should get a PO Box! This could be a great way to make money! Thanks!


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