Thanks for the info on Horatio Spafford


Thanks for the info on Horatio Spafford. I found your website very informational...Your intellectual ability really is quite amazing. I was in an accident almost 5 yrs ago...I lost both arms, and broke my back in 3 spots...I spend most of my time in a wheelchair. I had 5 young children, a 13 day old baby, a 1yr old, a 2 yr old, and a 5 and 7 yr old. When I came out of the drug-induced coma after 8 days...I begged for God to take me home...Nothing was 'enough' to make me want to live a life w/out arms, or bound to a wheelchair. I had given my life to God as a 12 yr was a sincere conversion experience...just like you personally describe...I lived, mostly out of ignorance...a lukewarm to cold Christian existence. Like you, I had the baptism of the holy spirit nightmare...I was 14, and spent hrs kneeling on a cold concrete floor, resting my face on a metal folding chair...that rivaled the floor's frigid temperature. Crying and pleading with God for the Holy Spirit...I wanted everything that God had for me. I can relate also to many of the other things you relate to in your anti-testimony...Affairs by pastors, church splits, and a rash of political crap in the name of God...I too, struggled with sexuality. I got 2 different girlfriends pregnant...within 1 yr. I finally got married...just so that I wouldn't struggle with the guilt anymore.Out of room, I'd luv 2 email you

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