Really like what you've done here! Quite an exhaustive site . . . okay, enough of the BS. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind linking my site on yours -- whereever you deem appropriate (just not under the nude pictures section, please! LOL!). I will do the same for yours on my next web-update.

Ex-Pentecostals.org (appropriately found at http://ex-pentecostals.org -- imagine that!) is a website networking people leaving the insanity of Pentecostalism and its cousin, that circus called the Charismatic "movement." About half of us have ascended to agnosticism/atheism -- but we don't discriminate . . . we just tell truth about the bizarre nature of our former faith, and try to help those still "bound" up in it -- out.

Check us out, and link us if you will. Thanks in advance.

Ciao for now!

Jay Ketcherside

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