Black Heathen

No need for a long story.I just observed that no one could boast being any better off than the next Church,Temple,Mosque or Synagogue. It was apparent that we are all just spinning our wheels in intellectual dishonesty.

Combine this with the fast that the Happiest people ive ever seen are Children before the God disease takes root. It was plain to see we try too hard to find things that are not lost.

I am from Dayton Ohio in the US. I was born into Christianity and left when I was 19. I have been involved with Muslim, Christian, Nubian, Islamic, and Hebrew "churches". Now I consider myself in the Satanist, Freethinker, Agnostic, and Taoist camp. I didn't have a choice about becoming a Christian, and I would say that a man can never stay true to a thing once he has fathomed it's depths.


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