How I changed

It saddens me to see how almost all of the postings and testimonies come from people that grew up in one of those crappy fundamentalists churches that condemn every thing we do....and I have to agree with that guys...I hate it as well!! we have free will to do whatever we want....however God gave us that morality when he created us...otherwhise how can you say what's good and what's not good???

I have read tons of sites, and stuff about how some people researched for flaws in the bible...and I have to say that some arguements are quite good...however, not flawless, some of the bibliographical references are wrong, some places and dates are really wrong as well....I'm still a believer....and nothing came out from church, it came out from a personal commitment I made with God and no single person obliged me to do it....and YES THINGS CHANGED, and still are....and nothing you can tell me will make me change my mind specially after witnessing miracles in my life....and some SUPER NATURAL Natural-laws defying miracles as well.....something that evolution or atheism will never be able to explain .....

You can keep doing your efforts to destroy religion, and I even agree with you in doing it so...

But God...HAHA.....good luck trying to destroy all the evidence that surrounds us...


City: Guadalajara

State: Jalisco

Country: Mexico

Became a Christian: 15

Ceased being a Christian: I'm still Christian and forever will be

Labels before: Baptist

Labels now: God follower....hate religions and dogmas

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