Some disturbing quotes

I am a college student currently attending a Christian University (I'm transferring out at the end of the year) and my Mass Media and Society class was discussing the role of violence in the media and if it has a negative affect on people. On student said that ironically violence could motivate positive aggression:

"When I watch Top Gun, I want to fly airplanes and drop bombs on people. That's positive aggression."

I didn't exactly see the correlation between "positive" and "drop bombs on people", but then again, he was a Christian and I am not.

I also overhead my neighbor say this the other day:

"Whenever I see an animal, I want to shoot and kill it."



Became a Christian: 4

Ceased being a Christian: 20

Labels before: Church of the Nazarene, fundamentalist

Labels now: Agnostic, Secular Humanist

Why I joined: I was young and it seemed the correct thing to do

Why I left: Couldn't believe anymore

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