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To Christians, from a fellow Christian

From Natasha

I would like the chance to say something, although I am quite aware that this is not a forum for Christians. I hope to echo the letter I read called "In Defense of Dave," but from the Christian perspective. If you are a Christian, and you are visiting this site, then please please please, think about what you are posting.

This is a website, clearly for people who WERE Christians, and now are not. Many of them were hurt by their church, or by Christians in their lives, and many see us Christians as uneducated, and illogical. Let’s face it guys, congregations can hurt people, and Christianity is illogical. It is not your job as a Christian to get into debates with these people who often have been hurt by the church. It is our job to apologize, and be humble. It is our job to admit that we have screwed up, and that people have been hurt. It is our job to hold each other accountable to the Christian beliefs we espouse. It is NOT our job to judge people who don’t even hold to the same beliefs we do. It is NOT our job to argue and hate – you are just proving their point when you do this.

People who are ex-Christians are not people who have never heard the gospel – in fact many of them, from what I have read on this site, are better educated than we are about our own faith. They are not looking for your “insight” and you would be hard pressed to present some argument they have never heard. They are looking for healing, and support, and we owe it to them to do whatever we can towards that goal. We are called to be loving, not judgmental.

If you are a Christian, and you haven’t read Dave’s testimony, then do that before you begin to assume anything about anyone else on this site. Try to see everyone here as a person deserving of your love, not a demon possessed soul in need of your judgment.