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You need an encouter [sic] with God!

A letter from ex-ex Christian

Hello All,

I understand that many of you, if not all of you have had bad experiences in Church or with Church people. Its nothing earth shattering, even devout Christians will tell you that often times they have been fed up with both. The thing that you all need to understand is that churches have had problems since the beginning, (READ THE BIBLE) why wouldn't they.. they are filled with regular people with problems, issues and complications just as yourselves.. An being ex-christians as you call yourselves you too know that accepting Jesus doesn't bring on some immediate drastic change in your behaviour and personality. Being a Christian means to engage in the process of losing your "old" self and gaining a new identity in Christ.. which for some can be as difficult as it sounds. However, we Christians keep the faith and commit to the process because we've had an encouter with God that solidifies our faith and encourages us to keep pressing towards the mark of perfection in Chirst (as Christ). God must be EXPERIENCED, not just read about. if you have the read the bible you will see that experiences and encouters produce faith. If you've only sat in church pews and mimicked other people, then what do you expect???

Don't fall into the trap of dismissing Jesus because you don't like what the pastor drives or what happened in the last Church you went to. Jesus is as real as you are... and if you stop watching people and instead try to find out who Jesus is for yourself, by humbly coming to Him and asking Him to reveal himself to you through His word, you will find out exactly what all this Christian stuff is really about and why we strive daily in the Faith.

I trust that instead of rolling your eyes and convincing yourself that what i'm saying doesn't make sense or doesn't apply to you. You would raise your hands to God, humbly admit that you're confused and lost your way and ask Him to Reveal His existence to you.

If you don't do this, then you're just not interested in finding out if God is true or not.. and you prefer instead to babble all day long about something you know nothing about.