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Monday, February 12, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

In the process of de-conversion

From Jamie

I think that I am in the process of de-conversion, though I'm not sure. What I'd really like more information on is the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Growing up Seventh-day Adventist, prophecy was a big 'selling point'. While I don't remember all of what I was taught, it seemed to make sense at the time. Only now am I realizing that I've never checked out the "facts". I didn't question the preachers' version of history, nor did I check to see if the timelines fit the events they said they did.

I read SOMEWHERE on the net (though I can't find it...I was hoping it was somewhere here), where someone was debunking the 10 horns, showing that there were other nations around that were conveniently ignored when fitting the 10 nations to 10 horns prophecy. Does anyone know more about it?

I would think that SOMEWHERE on the net, there would be a systematic debunking of Seventh-day Adventist prophecy. However, most sites that criticize Adventists seem to be put up by people who have become, through some miracle, even crazier and more fanatical than the people in the church of my youth.

Any help here would be greatly might break the final chains of fear as I go through my 'de-conversion'.