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Saturday, July 15, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

I found the answers

Wow! your theological journey is almost identical to mine. Only, I found the answers to many of the questions you posed. I too seem to know more about the Bible and what it teaches than almost every preacher I have ever met. Anf that was before I became a minister. And I too found it hard to find anyone who got it. Why did I get it and they could not? Because of John Darby like you already figured out. Anyway, the only reason I cannot lose faith is that I know the supernatural is real because I am the son of a real witch. Spirits are real no matter what James Randi might claim.

Check out my web sites and get back to me.

P.S. I grew up in Geneva and just recently came back from a trip to Ashtabula. Small world.

The Paranormal Preacher