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Wednesday, July 19, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

a Born Atheist

I have just stumbled onto this site - praise the lord! - and am jumping right in before I go back and read any more testimonials. Christianity is making me sick, literally. I was born into atheism, so I already have a foundation of non-religiosity, and I am finding my christian friends' attempts to convert/preach to me and so on make me queasy and extraordinarilly uncomfortable. Having never "believed" in anything other than reality I did not have any lights going off or personal "aha's!", so their prostelytizing puts me at a disadvantage. They're so sure! And I'm so mellow! And they're intelligent, loving beings! I sought this site out because I feel so alone when Christians come after me. "Naomi, do you follow your lord?" and when I aver to avoid an argument, especially with my deeply devout Caribbean friend, she laughs and says, "that's not a direct answer!" Which leaves me with nothing to say! Arguing with a Christian is like holding a mossy rock in a stream! If anyone has suggestions I would truely welcome them.

Also, I spent some time with her in Trinidad, and from Friday night through Sunday morning I was treated to an onslaught of the most nauseating videos of those glossy highly produced country-western gospel sing-fests - and in the morning, a children's tape of happy jesus songs for my little girl. I couldn't escape, and lay in bed hoping and praying that she'd turn off the tube. I certainly didn't want to intrude on her ritual in her own home.

Wanted to add that with all that religious stuff pouring into my ear, I began to hear clearly what they tell kids: you must PRACTICE your faith! Faith is "like a muscle". In other words, you gotta do it or lose it. Funny, isn't it? Gotta keep building up your blindness, keep working at believing in the ridiculous, because if you let go, the nonsense just can't hold up!

Why do you have to work so hard if it's so clear?

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