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Sunday, April 02, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

A Proposal to Christians

sent in by Tigg13

It has occurred to me, after reading several of the comments made by Christians on this website, that there is an issue that should concern you all more than the existence of ex-Christians.

Now, as you all know, there is one and only one true God and one and only one true path to salvation, with all the other paths leading to damnation. But, there are hundreds of different denominations of Christianity all calling themselves the one true church. Obviously there must be a great many of these churches that are not doing the Lord's work. But, if they're not doing the Lord's work, then who's work are they doing?

Why, Satan's of course.

Think about it. What would please the prince of deception more than to use God's own book to lead innocent people into the pit of eternal suffering? To twist and confuse scripture so as to trick people into choosing a false imitation of Christ. Just imagine how surprised these poor souls will be when they find themselves standing before God on the day of judgment, secure in their belief that their salvation is at hand, only to find out that all their doctrines were a sham and that they are doomed just like all the other non-believers. And, even worse, anyone who they may have converted to their false beliefs, their friends and families (who might have found the true Christ but for the false proselytizing that they were subjected to) will also be doomed.

Isn't this a much larger problem for true Christians than a bunch of Ex-Christians who freely admit that they consider the God of the Bible to be a cross between Daffy Duck and the Wizard of Oz? In fact, maybe the whole reason God created Ex-Christians was so that they could act as a beacon to shine the light of reason and logic upon these false prophets so that true Christians could see them for what they really are? I mean, who else could question these imposters' claims of "objective truth" and "moral superiority"?

I believe the time is ripe for all true believers to take action: to identify and eliminate all the false churches and their false doctrines and save the souls of the innocent followers that have been misled by them.

Now, I'm not suggesting that anyone do anything violent or illegal. There are plenty of civilized methods for dealing with this sort of thing. Like demonstrations, for example. Christians always seem to have the time and the energy to protest things like abortion clinics and funerals for gay people. Just start showing up at these false churches on Sunday mornings, padlock yourselves to their doors and start marching around with signs saying things like "Your God Is Satan", "His Kingdom Still Awaits You", and "Learn or Burn!". And then, calmly, with bullhorn in hand, explain to these deluded people that their religion is a lie and that they should let you show them the real Truth of God.

The key to all of this is identifying which Christian churches are false churches. To do this, you would first have to fully define what Christianity really is. Now I'd like to help you all with this, but I myself have never been able to figure out what Christianity is or what a true Christian looks like. Luckily, though, you don't need any help with this. You have God's word - the Holy Bible! I mean, that's the reason God gave you the the Bible, isn't it? So that you'd know his truth, right? So, just carefully go through the Bible (with the Holy Spirit's help, of course) and let it show you what a true Christian is and what they should believe. Then, just research all of the various denominations of Christianity there are in the world, and compare their doctrines to your divinely inspired definition and see which ones pass and which ones fail.

Once you have your lists of true and false religions, you're going to want to publish and circulate them amongst all of the good churches so that they will know who the true enemies of God really are. Then you all can begin the glorious work of cleansing the Body of Christ by ridding it of all the wrong thinking doctrines.

Oh, and when you have your definitions and lists, by all means, post them here. I'm sure we'd all like to have a look at them.