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Friday, April 21, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

My heart hurts for people like you

Hi There. I am so very worried about you . There is not much I can say to you that I am sure you have not heard. If you have heard Billy Graham you have heard one of the most amazing people in this world. I just hope your aware of how many people your influencing through this web site. To send yourself to hell is one thing but to be held accountable for so many other souls you should be terrified. Maybe your laughing but you won' t be when Jesus says I never knew you away from me.

My heart hurts for people like you I will pray for you even though you don' t want it and you better pray that you do come back with your tail between your legs because you don't want to experience hell.. You had it right the first time please carefully weigh out your consequences for being agnostic verses christian. Yours in christ.....

Tabitha Sopko