Brainwashing and Fraud

sent in by Deist

Here is a link that shows brainwashing in action. It shows a guy that went to hell and the sky dictator said "Why didn't you give them tracts" What pure BS. As George Carlin says "fleecing the flock, fraud in action"

I think religion is naive to think it has the know-it-alls about the forces of nature. It is nothing but a cop out for the unexplainable. Basically saying I don't know what causes it, so we'll tell the masses it is god that did it.

Humans have the strange ability to be rational and irrational at the same time. We are the only animals that are like that. Another chunk of evidence to prove that the Christian religion is B.S. is the goofy view it has on sexuality.

For some strange reason LUST is a sin but without lust how can you procreate? Lust is that urge to mate, how is that a sin? Now in civilized societies, it is bad to force someone into sex that I understand but with 2 consenting adults who are not married, who cares. I do believe in a higher non-personal non-judgmental power but not the silly sky dictator called Jehovah.

Bible god to me is a psychopathic, ruthless, insecure, peeping tom. I like my f&*king privacy. I don't like the idea of a deity watching me take a s**t!! As I said before I think there is a higher power but that’s it, doesn't go beyond that. I do not think humans have the ability to have knowledge of this higher power.

In order for me to believe in heaven, hell, Satan and bible god, I have to see evidence, no circular logic but that good ‘ol hard evidence. Out of the billions of people on this planet not one person can show me a picture or video of these imaginary places and monsters. I even tried to Google Satan and god and all were paintings but no photos (being sarcastic):)

I used to be a Christian until I read the bible. I had to step outside the box and say hey this makes no sense.

This B.S. no longer applies to intelligent people of the 21st century.

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Steven Bently said...

There could be a higher power of structure or fabric that holds the universe together, a universal essence of being, to exist, is to know while existing, that something exists.

To live on such a small little tiny miniscule planet that revolves around a small little miniscule Sun and no way of knowing what really is out there beyond our own solar system, it would be overly arrogant for the people that wrote the Bible to say that they know all about God and his/her/it's motive behind getting people into a Heaven that has never been seen, when they themselves knew absolutely nothing about the planet that they lived on and denounced any scientific knowledge as from demons or witches.

If a God created the entire Universe in just 6 days all by himself, then why did he leave the most important event (above all else)of salvation up to the humans that he supposedly regretted making in the first place?

And why did it take him 4000 years to come up with the virgin birth salvation plan, if he created the entire universe in just 6 days?

Why leave man, whom God confounded their language, in charge of the most important decission a person could possibly make, (based entirely on a belief and imaginary faith) since God is not willing that anyone should perish, even after killing thousands or possibly millions, during the genocide flood.

What it boils down to is this, since man has no God, he will create one, but this God of man, or man's God, has certain restrictions, depending upon what a person choses or wants to believe.

Apparently man cannot face being alone, he has to have a reason and a purpose, otherwise he thinks his existance has no purpose or meaning. Man's purpose is to experience time, after death time does not exist for the dead to experience. Time only exists for the conscious living brain to experience. Right now, time is our God, because it is the only thing that we can experience when awake, when we're dead or asleep or unconscious, we are not aware of time, that's why as soon as we go to sleep, it's seems like it's time to get up, but 8 hours may have just passed, but we were not aware of it. So the living brain is the only thing that can experience existance and time.

The living brain is our only God!

After death there is nothing for the brain to experience, because the brain is no longer aware of time or existance.

You can be dead for a billion years or a trillion years and not know it, but until your brain regains back it's conscious awareness, it will cease to remember and experience nothing.

Thers' no guarantee that the brain will ever regain back it conscious awareness, only a promise based upon a belief. That's why so many want a tombstone with their names inscribed, above their grave, so when God comes back looking for them, at least they can say, Look down below through the dirt for me, and God can't say I could not find you!

The Bible God and the Quran God and all religions and Gods are the best a man can come up with, to pacify the ignorant.

In all probablity, if there is life on other distant planets, they have created their own Lords and Goddesses, my hopes are that they are not as stupid and ignorant as we have been in the last thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

man, that comic is so weird...
It's agressive and plays with fear. Not only it wants to scare non-believers, but believers as well. Kinda like: If you don't tell others about him then skydaddy is gonna be not amused. Really freaky!

Anonymous said...

As an enlightened adult I can look at the chick tracts and see them for what they are. But as a child those things scared me!

My father had tons of these things always lying around the house when I was young and first learning how to read. My mother just saw them as little “comic books” and didn’t have a problem with me reading them. I don’t think she ever read one herself.

I was told that this was the Truth™. The particular brand of christianity that is put forth in those tracts is VERY sick and demented.

Those things played a significant part in my brainwashing as a child. The fact that it is put in “cartoon” form pisses me of even more.

When I see someone passing them out, I think about it ending up in some child’s hands and it infuriates me. It makes me want to go kick there ass!!

We can all laugh at the tracts now and see how asinine they really are.

But in the end…..there is nothing “funny” about the damage they most assuredly have caused.

Just one more cog in the xtian brainwashing machine…………….

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Jack Chick, I wouldn't have known that the Pope was responsible for the Holocaust!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned Geoge Carlin
for he is my mentor,...He really puts xtians in their place.His take on the the 10 commandments is so freakin funny!He also says we,
(ex-christians),should protest religion instead of war.Instead of picketing in front of government facilities,..lets picket in front of churches!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jack Chick is a godly man and you're gonna go to hell, and I'm gonna laugh. Jesus is gonna laugh to, cause he's got a big one and he'll refuse to put it in you.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... just throwing this out there, but regarding that point on lust. I feel you on how it doesn't make sense for that physical desire to be a sin. But I think lust is more defined in the realm outside of marriage - meaning it's not lust in the context of marriage. But yea, this argument can go on forever.

And I hear that often too. How it would be nice if we could just SEE God or if he could just show us that he's real instead of having this uncertainty thing always looming over our heads. But I like to think of it in terms of a parent and a young child. A parent doesn't call their 5 year old son over, sit them down at the kitchen table, and explain to them their financial struggles, the fact that they have to pay rent every month, how they're unsure of what they're gonna do since both parents lost their job. Even if it concerns the child, he's both too immature and too weak to be able to handle that. Instead, the parents, on their own accord, with their child's best interest at heart, try to work things out. The only thing they really demand (which usually doesn't even have to be asked for) is trust.

So I think that could be where all these 'cop-out' answers come from like 'just trust in God.' Because whether we knew it or not, that's how we grew up right? Just trusting in our parents, our teachers, our friends. Sure there's evidence for the existence of the moon, but isn't a lot of things we accept by faith anyway?

Yep, just some thoughts. I think that this is a great site to discuss and talk about these kind of issues. But if the purpose of the site is to bash Christianity, doesn't that seem like a waste of time for people who are unconcerned with and don't believe in what you guys call the 'bible god'? In any case, I enjoyed reading your post and responding. Take it easy dude.

Dave Van Allen said...

Anony-bot, you are assuming that which you are attempting to prove.

You assume there is a god, and then jump through hoops to explain why there is not even a shred of verifiable evidence as to this god's existence.

Did you know Muslims use exactly that same type of reasoning and conclude that Allah is the true God?

Besides, that tired old metaphor about 5-year-old kids and their parents, is lacking. Think about it: Are the parents invisible, immaterial, and only assumed to exist in the imagination of the kids? Can the children touch, taste, smell, hear and see their parents?

If you're so concerned about people wasting their time on a website, perhaps you should take your own advice and just move on down the road.

Dave Van Allen said...

I was thinking that if he was concerned about us wasting our time, then why was he wasting our time—and his.

Anonymous said...

Annon, if your faith is the "right" one, you wouldn't be so concerned with anyone "bashing" christianity, because it wouldn't matter--right? After all, the true way to god via jesus would be able to withstand some criticism.

I think the real reason you are concerned is that you feel that people will come across this site and be influenced to leave christianity. You see it as "satan at work." I remember reading an article on a christian heavy metal site about an apostate thrash metal singer. Right after this guy deconverted, he did a 180 and got into drugs and got a little crazy. Some time later this guy recovered and went back to his normal self--minus the christianity. I read his interview, and I was amazed at how rational he was (after the drugs). This website warned people against talking to this guy. What for? What were they so afraid of? I felt it was very belittling to have to "warn" people against that. Maybe deep down inside they know what the truth is, but people are heavily emotionally and psychologically invested in christianity that they didn't want this guy screwing around with that. It takes a lot of mental energy to keep oneself brainwashed, and it also takes a lot of mental energy escaping it.

I came across this site only a few months ago, and I left christianity about 14 years ago. I was never able to talk to anybody about the fallout I was experiencing. Once I found this place, I felt right at home. The ex-testimonies reasonated with me. I was able to see myself in other people's stories. I was finally able to know that I wasn't alone--I wasn't the "only" ex-christian in the world!

We're not going to be silent, and we're not going to hide. I've done enough of that for the last several years. There are more of us out there than you would like to believe. Emancipation is a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

Well, about a higher power, yes I cannot describe what this is, but when I was really ill from hearing too many toxic sermons I decided that I would go to Alcoholics Anonymous to regain my sanity. Sounds like maybe a strange place to go to to recover from church, but I find it to be a very warm place, where there is 'spiritual' and personal growth taking place, and also some honesty, which is important. I like that at A.A. people can choose their own concept of god, rather than being treated like a child and told what to believe and then live with guilt and fear if they don't.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the brainwashing is the thing. Its like you sit on a seat or a pew and have your head filled with one guy's words and that is supposed to give you a direction for the whole week. That is very wrong to my way of thinking. I am sure and almost certain that my friends who are christians would think that I have put one foot on a path to hell by not thinking well of their preacher or pastor. He (one man) is supposed to be like god in person. The fact is that if all preachers are supposed to be the voice of god - why do they all disagree with each other? Wouldn't there be some consistency in what they say? But there is not - from experience I know there isn't. They just don't know really and they don't have the answers.
I am not against spirituality - but what I think about spirituality is that it is a personal thing. And you're right the thought of having someone around 24/7 is disturbing. Everyone needs their privacy and their autonomy and their individuality. If we were supposed to be sheep - we would have a brain the size of one.

Anonymous said...

Charles Spurgen once said 'if unbelivers don't like to have the gosple "rammed" down their throats, then they should shut their mouths.' Hey guys, i know that you don't belive in God, but come on, if there is no God, then why are you so hostile to Christians?

Dave Van Allen said...

I've never been hostile to a Christian in my life.

However, I am hostile to Christian myth that is presented as if it were fact and laced with throats with threats of everlasting horrific torture in hell if the myth is doubted.

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