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Wednesday, April 26, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

Brainwashing and Fraud

sent in by Deist

Here is a link that shows brainwashing in action. It shows a guy that went to hell and the sky dictator said "Why didn't you give them tracts" What pure BS. As George Carlin says "fleecing the flock, fraud in action"

I think religion is naive to think it has the know-it-alls about the forces of nature. It is nothing but a cop out for the unexplainable. Basically saying I don't know what causes it, so we'll tell the masses it is god that did it.

Humans have the strange ability to be rational and irrational at the same time. We are the only animals that are like that. Another chunk of evidence to prove that the Christian religion is B.S. is the goofy view it has on sexuality.

For some strange reason LUST is a sin but without lust how can you procreate? Lust is that urge to mate, how is that a sin? Now in civilized societies, it is bad to force someone into sex that I understand but with 2 consenting adults who are not married, who cares. I do believe in a higher non-personal non-judgmental power but not the silly sky dictator called Jehovah.

Bible god to me is a psychopathic, ruthless, insecure, peeping tom. I like my f&*king privacy. I don't like the idea of a deity watching me take a s**t!! As I said before I think there is a higher power but that’s it, doesn't go beyond that. I do not think humans have the ability to have knowledge of this higher power.

In order for me to believe in heaven, hell, Satan and bible god, I have to see evidence, no circular logic but that good ‘ol hard evidence. Out of the billions of people on this planet not one person can show me a picture or video of these imaginary places and monsters. I even tried to Google Satan and god and all were paintings but no photos (being sarcastic):)

I used to be a Christian until I read the bible. I had to step outside the box and say hey this makes no sense.

This B.S. no longer applies to intelligent people of the 21st century.

Over and Out