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Why would anyone want to be an atheist?

I read some of the things that your website said about christians and I know that there are christians that are not smart or make the rest of us look bad and people who think they are christians but are really not. Just because someone says they are a christian and they always go to church does not mean they are a christian. I am a guy and if I joined the girl scouts would that make me a girl? I also know that there are good people who are atheists and I am not trying to be mean to you. I just wonder why you would risk everything like that. Niether can be proven and there are good arguments for both but in the end I would rather go for maybe getting something over definitely at best getting nothing. I do not think I am better than you or that I am going to heaven because I am better than you. I know I am nowhere close to perfect. I dont care if hitler was atheist that would not mean all of you were bad anyways. I am not judging you either I am just saying what I believe that is, believe in God and repent and anyone that does that no matter who they are or what they have done goes to heaven.

I do not understand why anyone would want to be an atheist. If it is true then you will die and thats the end or you could be wrong and go to hell. So you are risking hell for nothing because you believe in nothing and it offers you nothing. Atheism is all risk and no reward. Even if you are right you will not get anything. Are you not worried you might be wrong? You have nothing to gain and everything to lose being an atheist. If you were a christian you will be right and go to heaven or be wrong and nothing happens. You would be risking nothing for an eternity in heaven. If you converted from atheism to christianity and christianity was wrong there still is no risk. It is better to be safe than sorry. Think of how you would feel if it turns out to be true and you know that you blew it for a nothing belief. You cant even imagine how you would feel. If I am wrong I will be dead and never no anyway so I think thats worth a shot. I know you will probably say what if islam is true? Islam thinks that heaven is drinking and orgies. If you are perfect when you go to heaven then you will not be depraved. You cant be blind and see at the same time can you? Also mohamads dead body is still here on earth Jesus is not. And if you still want to throw in Islam to the discussion then that doubles your risk for going to hell because you have to worry about mine and theirs and you still have nothing to gain. I could have a chance of going to islam hell but I also still have a chance of heaven or nothing so I am still in a better position.

No belief or religion can be proven 100% right or wrong and there are thousands of arguments you could try to make for or against atheism and christianity and they do not really prove or disprove anything but you know what I said in the first paragraph is true. You get nothing or hell and that is a big risk for nothing. Especially when you are putting lots of time with the website all for nothing. You must love doing volunteer work.

You think the Bible contradicts but science is always changing and its because it is wrong a lot. I would rather believe in a God I have not seen than believe in what someone said because we all know that people make mistakes and are not reliable and the risk of being wrong is to great.

Your website says that christians are brainwashed by there parents. A lot of christians were not raised in church. You also say that the burden of proof is on christians. Atheists are the ones with the all risk no reward belief. I think that would put the burden of proof on you because most people would rather take a shot at something than a definite nothing. Also if you do not care to prove it to me you should at least be concerned with proving it for yourself because I am sure you would like to be 100 percent sure that there is no chance you could go to hell. Also if atheism is true like you say then atheists would have been the first people on earth until someone made up God so the burdern of proof would be on you.

I talked with an atheist a couple of days ago and he said, "Christianity conflicts with the facts of reality", what facts are those? Nothing created something then that blew up and made earth then earth made monkeys then the monkeys turned into people. That makes no more sense than what I believe. If we came from monkeys they would not still be here. Did the big bang know that we needed air, water, sunlight, food, man and woman to reproduce, gravity so we dont fall of the earth? The only explanation I can think of is that there is a God that knows things I cant comprehend and the laws of our earth do not apply to Him because he created them and because nothing plus nothing equals nothing so the universe never would have happened unless there is a god that knows something I dont. Your house did not build itself did it? Someone had to do it for you and whoever that was they had to know what they were doing otherwise your house would have fallen apart. I think that also apllies to the universe. I think atheists use the bureden of proof argument to try to take peoples attention away from how stupid their beliefs sound. If you think the Bible contradicts then look at 2 Peter chapter 1 verse 20. I do not think you were ever a christian because when you are you are born again, right? Can you unborn yourself?