blessings to you brother

Wasnt sure if you recieved my last post

I have browesed your websight and its stating of the many Reformers, RC fathers and theyer intolerance and bickering and backbiting over docrins and charactor, it truely shows the flaw in the human race, but in all fairness Dave, I would like you to line it up with the people with a world view without Christ, Hitler, Nero, cearsars, Ivan the terrible, Nicolae Ceausescu, the Roman Empire and its violence against the christians, The so called Salem witch trials, Comunist China and the martyrs that come from there in the name of Christ thousands upon thousands die each year in the name of Christ all over the world, what about the Columbine high school girl that got shot by the young boy Harris as he asked if she was a christian, her answer cost her her life, I can go on and on much much more than you can ever com up with, why because heaven and hell are real God and satan are real, and we fight battles not against flesh and blood, but against powers and rulers of darkness, in which you were not strong enough because you turned to yourself instead of turning to God, a high school girl Dave stood strong in the face of adversity with her God, you on the other hand, I hate to be so harsh, but you faced the enemy and you have failed which we all will, if we stand not in the power of the glorious God of heaven, I would say this life is good now because you are not in the battle for mankind anymore, for me I will remain as in the book of timothy a soldier of Christ. When you study be neutral and your eyes will be opened again the bad in the world far outweigh the bad in the church of the First born, oh yeh you forgot to mention the two great apostles Paul and Mark had a heated dispute and parted ways.

blessings to you brother, the battle is waiting, be a man of God


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