Put Your Anger Aside

I find your website interesting. After navigating threw a detailed outline of information, it seems that you have been emotionally damaged by someone who "maybe" called themselves a Christian.

You may choose to deny the existance of Jesus. The free you were given by the Father gives you that right. However, your anger towards Jesus will not deny His existence.

Put your anger aside and rest your energies towards a God who offered His life for yours. Jesus could have called 12 legions of angels to prevent His crucifiction. There are archeological facts to prove the event. But He did not...and it is your decision whether to accept this gift or try to take it away from others who may review this site.

Thank You,

Dean Simms

I received this little condemnation "sent in love" today. I did not alter it in any way neither did I change the spelling. Something I found interesting was the word "crucifiction". Is that what is known as a freudian slip or what?


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