A Comment

I read the comment you wrote about your 13 year old daughter and her comments and questions and then a brief snyopsis of your story. It so much like mine. I have a fifteen year old son. He now says he is an atheist. I am an agnostic. I must let him be and search this out for himself. I, like you, never hid my doubts and struggles and questions and he knows its alright to say "I don't believe that" if he doesn't . I hope he works this out. Thanks for what you wrote because I do sometimes wonder if I did the right thing ( I know I did, I can't live a lie) but my whole family is still very fundamentalist and they always comment about how terrible I am. My son actually is a very moral and upright and conscientious person. I am very proud of him. Their christian son has made very questionable choices that my son would never make for very different reasons. He thinks before he acts, thanks to his study of buddhism. anyway,, just wanted to say thankyou...


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