To the Webmaster

I have been looking at your site but have not perused it extensively as yet... I am still in a state of shock and could keel over any moment! I really would like to know what made you turn your back on God?? What do you believe He did that changed you so much?? And were you every really a Christian?? If you know and UNDERSTAND how can you not take Him seriously? Even if I had come across this site before I became a Christian I still would not have credited your arguments... I blame man(people), & myself, for the circumstances in my life and in their own, I do not blame God. I really do wish I could understand your motives, but even that will not change your actions. I will be praying for you as I have never prayed for anyone before in my life (including my family before they knew Christ.)

Sincerely yours,
Bridgitte Brownlee

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