You have been decieved

This was posted to my message board yesterday, signed by "believer". The person did not leave a real name or email.

A lot of you use the excuse for not believing in God on the famous idea of God sending people to hell for no good reason. Look at your lives, no matter what you chose to believe, you are a sinner. No one, except Jesus, can claim to have lived a perfect life. God is holy, whether you say he is or not, and he can have nothing to do with sin. You are a sinner. However, he sent a reedemer to die for you. I think that a lot of people who turn from Christianity do so to justify there way of life. Hey, you don't have to feel bad about any kind of wrong living no matter how small if you don't believe in a God. I am sorry that Satan has decieved you. I was a doubter myself but through my searches I have found that Christ is the only thing that makes sense. And yes, if there truly is a hell I do not want to go there-who in their right mind would. Besides, I would rather base my eternal destiny on spending it with a savior who died for my sins then a deciever who lies.

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