From: Pari Hoxha
Subject: Still a Christian

hello exbrother,

As I read through your website and your information I feel sorry that you, not only fell, but that have declared war to God himself.

The bible verses that you think contradict each other, are perfectly full of sense and truth. The truth that you probably never were able to understand.

You are looking at the bible with the eye and the spirit of antichrist, confusion.

Maybe the church were you grew didn't provide the Biblical expanations you needed.

You did never learn the history lessons. You did never get to kow God. You never saw God as a father. A blesser. You never got to appreciate your life as a gift, a preacious gift. That you live married (hopefully) under an institution that God had created. Missed to give your children the truth and the only way to live and prosper on earth and the blessed hope for the eternal life with Christ. You defenetly secured for them a free ticket to ....

You are just another part of God's creation who doesn't appreaciate the maker, the Saviour, the Life.

You are just jealous and arrogant.
But, you still have time. That is the best thing for you left.
To save your family and yourself.

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