You were never a Christian!!!! ex-Christian? Gasp! Wrong! You can call
yourself whatever you want. But you were never truly
a Christian. It was in name only. I'm not going to
sugarcoat it for you. You're lost, and you are
condemned already. Even non-believers know John 3:16,
but that does not apply to you. What does apply to
you is John 3:18b...but he that believeth not is
condemned already, because he hath not believed in the
name of the only begotten Son of God.
You don't believe in Hell either, but you're headed
there regardless of what you think. Atheists truly
amaze me. You don't believe, but you spend so much
time trying to convince others that you are right.
I have a clipping from a newspaper about an atheist
who used to live hereabouts. He always wrote the
editor of the paper whining about Christ and
Christians. He did that right up until he was dying.
He had a press conference with several local papers
from his bed at the hospital the day before he died.
He confessed Jesus as his Lord, and said the Bible was
the Word of God. The papers printed it all.
Now of course you think you're too smart to believe in
God. OK, I wouldn't think of forcing you to believe.
However, the day will come when you will bow your
knees before Jesus and confess that He is Lord. I
hope you get saved, I truly do. If you don't, and you
end up in Hell, you'll remember this email for all
eternity. You are to be pitied. Here's a link you

Billy Evans

You are hilarious! You should take your act on the road, it would make a great stand up comedy routine! Thanks for the fun!

Here is a link for you:

Anti-Tract Archive

Funny stuff!!! LOL

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