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Tuesday, September 04, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

Did I overreact?

A question from Berkley H

This past weekend I was relaxing on my lawn (NOT really all that visible from the road), mostly dozing off (as one might do on a weekend in nice weather), when I was awakened by an "evangelical Christian" who had decided that I should be preached to on the subject of saving my soul.

Now, I have chased these idiots off in the past with verbal abuse. You would think that they would have gotten the word by now, but apparently this one hadn't.

Being in a reclining position on a chaise, I reached up my hand as if requesting assistance in sitting up. The god-shouter reached for my hand with his fingers spread wide. Instead of grasping his hand in mine, or grasping his wrist, as he apparently expected, I grabbed his middle finger (it was his right hand -- the left was holding "The Good Book" and a bunch of Chick comics) and bent it sharply back. I think I dislocated it. At any rate, it caused him great pain, apparently, because he yelled very loudly. I released his finger and got to my feet, at which point he turned and ran to his car and sped off. He left some of the comix strewn across my lawn.

His noise roused my wife, who had been napping inside. She wanted to know what had happened. I explained, and she berated me for "over-reacting" to his approach.

My question is this: is my wife correct? Did I in fact over-react?

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