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Friday, September 21, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

You really need to read the Bible!

From Saphire

I have only read a few of the posts on here...some from "christians" and a few from the webmaster, and a few from non-christians. I am truly amazed and almost want to laugh at some of the things being said. Laughing though, is not the answer because it really is a serious subject, and some people are really stuggling with their effort to find the truth. The bible is not an easy read, its long, and takes some real attention. To make an intelligent argument for or against christianity, a person needs to be able to comprehend what's written, and actually read it. Not parts of it, but all of it. Anyone who really wants to find the truth, first needs to do that. I dont think anyone should rely on what others are saying, and I mean to say, what ANYone is saying. People have their own agenda's, their own beliefs, and some just wont budge even when they dont really know the facts for themselves. Everyone needs to figure it out for themSELVES by looking at the evidence. Anyone who has done that, really read the bible, will come to the truth. Ive seen it. I love a good conversation and debate over the bible and its meanings and interpretations, as long as its with someone who knows what they are saying.

Webmaster...I said in the beginning that I was amazed by some of the comments. Im also amazed at how many people are so eager to jump on the "christian bashing" wagon, and so obviously dont know the truth, the facts, or even good grammar. I see here people making picky little stabs at others, silly trivial stabs, in order to prove how imperfect someone is. DUH. I dont know one "true christian" who is perfect, who doesnt sin etc. And I would bet that if someone on the street, dirty, drug user, drunk, sinner whatever...if they asked for some thing to eat, a true christian would show their love and the love of their God by giving them something to eat. That's what Jesus meant. Not to refuse anyone. We all need help, and the only way to show and spread unconditional love, is to show unconditional love.

Webmaster.....I just couldnt refuse writing, I suppose its my sinful pride that made me do it, but I am not going to hang around here to argue. This stupidity....I mean uneducated, not to mention ignorant arguments! Do you know the meaning of ignorant? Just wondering. Anyway, I was saying that this site just gets my blood pumping, and gives me bad "sinful" thoughts like wanting to tie you to a chair, and read the bible TO you, until you at least know and understand what it says!!! Do you have any idea how many non believers, scientists, and others have set out to disprove the idea of Christianity by first reading and studying the bible....only to find themselves believing and finally knowing why they are here, what their purpose is and most of all, understand why God sent Jesus...(so that the Devil couldnt have us just because we are human and sin) and the truth of his love for us? Look up at the sky, and try to imagine how big the universe is...and mabe you'll see that the supernatural seeming parts of the Bible, just might be true. There is so much we still dont understand about the universe and nature, but that doesnt make it false. Well, Im done. None of this will mean a thing to someone like you unless you really learn the bible first. Not just lines that you can take out of context and change the meaning of.

I hope you do read it sometime, its not boring, it will fascinate you!

take care