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Friday, June 15, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

I pray that God may soften your heart

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to you out of concern, and i really hope that you might spend a
short time to read this email.

i dont write this email to try to stir or offend you but i was googling
"christian forums" when i stumbled upon your website. I attend christian
forums as a born again believer and i believe they are helpful for dicussion
of hard topics and current affairs etc that might be causing a christian
some struggles etc. The chrisitan forums websites are used to encourage
each other - and to lift one another up.

Your website however seems to only have the sole purpose of bringing people
down. I;m not the smartest or most knowledgable person around but i do know
that what you are doing is sin and i think it a real trajedy that you would
encourage others to leave behind God and to not return to Him after trials.

Life is hard, i will grant you. But what do we deserve?? nothing! We are
sinners, all of us - and there is no denying that every single person on the
planet is guilty of one sin or another. I'll admit myself to being guilty
to numerous. But God made us promises and they are written in the Bible.
IF you have read the bible then i encourage you to look closer, and
especially pay attention to revelation - where it refers to judgement of
sin. Please dont encourage ppl to turn away from the one thing that can
save them.

If you however are have not read the bible then i beg you to go to bible or
baptist church and talk to the pastor there. ask them to prove to you that
God is real. But please do this in an open manner. dont close yourself off
to a God that loves you and is calling you to come home.

i hope you chose to read this, and please know that whatever you may think
of me and this email - i care for you and i pray that God may soften your
heart and that you might call on Him to save your sole.

L Mclean

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