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Tuesday, June 26, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

I was shocked ... that such a website exists

From Andrew D

I am sorry that the curch as we know it has failed so many people.

Chritianity is about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not a personal relationship with man although that is part of it. If there is no love, all other things are meaningless.

I would like to encourage those who have been hurt, neglected or condemned by fellow man, there is a thing called unconditional love but you won't experience it from man. Man will fail each other time and time again. We have to look past the ills of man and hope for better things.

I am a Christian and I understand why people have turned there back on God, I have come close but I realise that it has always been because man has let me down or because I can't see the resons for certain things happening in my life. Our understanding is so limited and if we would realise surrendering our lives completely and trusting in God we would see drastic changes in our lives for the better but we fear not been in control of our own destinies, I know I do.

I was shocked and interested to see that such a website exists and saddened as well.

No one said been a Christian was easy and I laugh at people who say we use it as a crutch, give me a break. It is the easiest thing in the world to do whatever you want but to stand for your beliefs in the face of adversity, well that takes courage. I struggle with issues but I know that God loves me and will never leave or forsake me. I do need to be more obedient though. Perceptions of Christians must change and Christians must get down from there pedistalls.

We are all human and not one of us is perfect but lets at least tolerate each other.

Take it easy guys, lets not go pissing on one anothers beliefs.

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