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Wow! your theological journey is almost identical to mine. Only, I found the answers to many of the questions you posed. I too seem to know more about the Bible and what it teaches than almost every preacher I have ever met. Anf that was before I became a minister. And I too found it hard to find anyone who got it. Why did I get it and they could not? Because of John Darby like you already figured out. Anyway, the only reason I cannot lose faith is that I know the supernatural is real because I am the son of a real witch. Spirits are real no matter what James Randi might claim.

Check out my web sites and get back to me.

P.S. I grew up in Geneva and just recently came back from a trip to Ashtabula. Small world.

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The Paranormal Preacher


Anonymous said...

I read at least three christian books portraying people that had been rescued from satanic cults in the name of Jesus. All the books have been proven fads since.

I am pretty sure your book and your story are false too.

Anonymous said...

Quote from your website "Soul and spirit is a christian organization that provides pastoral counseling and paranormal investigations for victims of witchcraft, cults, the occult, and hauntings"
Christianity IS A CULT.
It's that simple.

J. C. Samuelson said...

Abnormal Preacher,

"...the son of a real witch."

From description of your book linked to from your site:

"The Witch's Son is based on the true story of a young boy haunted by evil entities. The dark spirits terrorize him for many years until he becomes a man and leaves home to take an assignment with the USAF at Area 51. Soon after he takes this assignment, his mother asks him to join the "family religion." He refuses. Then his life mysteriously begins to fall apart as his mother seeks to destroy him with all the fury of a woman scorned. It doesn't take long before his marriage and career are destroyed and he finds himself back home with his mother. Through many battles, both natural and supernatural, the man overcomes the forces of hell that come against him and he becomes the Reverend Darrell Motal, a.k.a.: "The Paranormal Preacher," a demonologist dedicated to helping victims of witchcraft and the paranormal."

I have no doubt you will have - unfortunately - an all too willing audience of believers. Now, I don't usually like to jump to the end of the story but tell us, did you kill her? After all, God told you to.

J. C. Samuelson said...

By the way, you do realize that there are Ads by Google at the top of your page that can help someone find witch supplies. Not too choosy with your hosting service, are you?

Steven Bently said...

You're all screwed up in the head!

There is no spirits, the only reason you think there are spirits is because you've heard someone else say the word spirit.

Ask someone born deaf, if there is such a thing as a spirit.

Even if there was a spirit, it cannot(cannot) leave the Earth's gravitational pull.

Nothing can leave the Earths gravitational pull without the aid of rocket propolsion, nothing not even our own atmosphere, what do you think holds our oxygen supply and carbon/monoxide and pollutants close to the Earth? Double-stick tape?

You're waisting our time and mostly your's trying to believe in something that cannot possibly be proved nor exist.

There no such thing as a witch, spirit, soul, invisible beings, fairies, etc. only nonsense that you and billions have let such foolishness polute their minds.

Go away with your sewer trash, ya frikkin idiot!

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that I will always be suspicious of anything entitled I Found The Answers. Found the answers to what precisely?

Maybe I've missed the point somewhere along the line but I was under the impression that leaving fundamentalism was partly about letting go of that overwhelming need to have the "answer" to every situation, even if that "answer" is crap such as, "God's mind is bigger than our mind".

As Douglas Adams humourously demonstrated, the "answer" is more or less immaterial, it's the question that's crucial. Besides, doesn't everybody know the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42??


Anonymous said...

muttmutt1978 said:

"I practice magic but there is good neutral and evil magic, however half the time my spells work and the other half they fail."

So what's your method of incantation, flipping a coin perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I'm telling James Randi

Anonymous said...

This is the Witch's Son checking back.

Wow!. So I have become a joke for some of you. According to some of you I am a liar and a fake. Or I am not for real unless I take Mr. Randi's money. Very interesting and yet offensive.

Well it seems to easy for some of you to sit there and be hateful, and negative, and ridicule someone who was just trying to encourage another human being with his post.

Well to all of you I have this to say:

1st of all: The things that happened to me occurred over 15 years ago. I did not know about James Randi at the time.

2nd: Money is not my motive. I make less in one year on my book than most of you probably make in a month.

3rd: Check me out before you judge me to be a liar or fake. Come to Texas City and talk to the people here. Talk to my mother, cops, city officals, school teachers. Ask around. I can prove my story, unlike some of the fakes that were mentioned.

I even have paperwork to prove that I worked at The Nevada Test Site. I Can prove it all. Check me out.

New Dominion films checked me out. And guess what. They interviewed my mother and myself and our story will be on TV in 2007 as an episode of the show called, "A Haunting." And in case you did not know it, they only profile true strories. Stories they have spent time, money, and many hours of research to verify that the story is true.

So. You should do the same. And by the way: I did the show for free. It isn't about the money. It is about caring about people and helping them to forgive and heal.

Many of you need to forgive God, other people, and yourselves.
And if you say you can't forgive, because what happened to you is too much to forgive; well I say walk in my shoes. There is a very good chance that I have suffered things way beyond what you can imagine. And yet I have survived to be ridiculed, called a liar and a lunatic, all for the sake of risking the hate of family and friends(and people like some of you), so that the truth could be told:

Demons are real, God is real, and witchcraft is real.

My life and my testimony are real, They are not your personal joke.

Whatever is making you so negative, get over it and stop hating on people.

With Love,

Reverend Darrell Gene Motal

Anonymous said...

This is great news! You have a chance to show on national TV, to the world perhaps, that god is real, Demons are real, and witchcraft is real.

Can't wait to see this on the tube. When does it air? My Christian friends would love to see it. This will only solidify my belief in Jesus, or is it Allah, or is it Zeus, or is it Mithra, or is it Krishna, or is it Osiris, or is it the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or is it _________.

BTW, I'm also a firm believer in the Loch Ness monster, BigFoot and the Abominable Snowman because of all the evidence and eye witness testimonies presented to me on TV.


Dave Van Allen said...

Rev Baby!

I knew someone just like you back in the 70s! His name was Mike Warnke. He was a former occultist turned Christian minister/comedian and he had the most amazing and terrifying stories of supernatural occurances. I bought all the books, all the tapes, and really believed! His name was promoted from every Charis-majick pulpit. Hallelujah, Praise God, Amen!

Oh, after a successful few years and fleecing the flock (me included) of quite a bit of money, Warnke was finally exposed as a life-long pathological liar, and a fraud.

Here's a brief synopsis of his story: MIKE WARNKE.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Anonymous said...

This is The Paranormal Preacher checking back one more time.

Just wanted to say that I know Mike Warnke was a fake. And I am nothing like him. First of all, he was never what he claimed to be. He was never a Satanist. His past was a lie. I, on the other hand, am really the son of a witch, and any one who takes the time to investigate me will know that I am telling the truth about who I am.

Nevertheless, I do not expect most of you to understand me. I am certain that many of you are still carrying many wounds that have been caused by fake religous people. I wish you the best. By the way, if you think that I support what goes on in the name of Christianity on the Christian television networks, you are mistaken. Many of those preachers are wolves as most of you already know. Anyway, by the time my second book comes out, most of the Church will hate me as well. Why? Because I am going to expose those wolves on TV for what they are:
Evil men who caused some of you to stumble and fall with their fake brand of Christianity.

I pray that all of you will find peace and that your joy may be rstored to you someday.

With love,

The Paranormal Preacher

Anonymous said...

to paranormal preacher. I am in process of getting your books. I am a 36yr old christian lady who has been unsettled in my faith. Not for one minute have I not believed in my loving god but the various teachings of the doctrines etc. I have also been curious about the spirit world and outerspace. What you say has spiked my interest to further read your information, hence getting the books. You sure would be one interesting person to sit down with and have a one on one chat!! Wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous aussiegal wrote:
to paranormal preacher. I am in process of getting your books.
Hey aussiegal,

If you really like throwing away your hard earned money this way, how about throwing some OUR way to?

This paranormal preacher is just another guy looking to scam everyone....including YOU.

If he had real evidence, he'd be a million bucks richer from Randi.

Hey James Randi, if you read this, here's a guy that 'for sure' will finally prove the impossible to you.....or NOT

Go get em tiger

The debunker

Anonymous said...

To Rev Freak-ass

Who cares if you worked at area-51? So freaking what?

None of the aircraft used today are using extraterrestrial technology...why not, since it's so very real according to you?

Stealth technology is merely mimicking insects and wild animals that they have developed through the process of time and evolotion.

If you will notice, his book is listed as FICTION, this means just another fabrication from the human minds' ability to construct another fabricated fictitious lie.

I think we've all had it up to our noses with fabricated lies, I certainly know I have. Yours is no exception.

I would suggest you do not throw-off on someone else, when you have nothing but paper work and your words, you have not shown any proof of what you did nor what you saw. Why should we believe you above anyone else? Because you say it's true? You sound like Sylvia Brown, just another idiot.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems I see so far with " Rev." Motal is his claim of being the son of a witch ans she supposedly cursed him yada, yada, and his " ministry" includes helping "victims" of " witchraft" As a Wiccan I take some offense at this. If his mother allegedly was a " witch" and cast hexes or whatever at him, where's the proof? His word? Not only that but if she was a Wiccan it would have violated the Rede BIG time.

As for his life being shown in drama fashion on a sastellite TV show as " proof" his story is true, guess what? Some shows go for senationalism, not the facts. If a TV show claiming to tell the truth is credible by itself, then Geraldo's notorius special on "Satanism" that fueled the "Satanic Panic" was a credible source, even though it had many serious errors.

I bristle at the mention of a Christian " ministry" that caters to the " victims of witchrsaft, cults, the occult and hauntings", because I've seen so many times before what their REAL motives are about.

And,as one person pointed out, many of the characteristics of as cult can apply to Christianity. I've heard Christians call Buddhism and Hinduism and pretty much any other faith other than their own " cults". As someone who has been a Wiccan for more than 25 years, I can tell you of some of how these " ministries" have treated people like me.

Mr. Molan, while I approve of your recent Youtube vids about Bob Larson, I will also say that IMO you have more in common with him than with someone like me.

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