What is GOD?

God is energy in all of us. The power of God is something you have to search for in every situation. I believe that when you give off negative energy you breed a negative return of energy and positive energy for positive energy. When I say positive energy I mean complete honest energy. Not energy you create in your mind to make you feel better about something negative I mean a better perspective not a fantasy. People always say to their selves “why do bad things always happen to good people” well they don’t. Good people run into bad situations and the out come isn’t always the best. We are all God and God is us. We decide when we will have a bad day and we decide if we hate our jobs, but only we can change that by changing our attitude, energy, and perspective. If you believe that sitting in a church dumping money into a tray with 100+ other people listening to someone tell you what you can and can’t do will save you, then fine that is your perspective. The truth is we live and we die and death, bankruptcy, and lies etc… around us makes us stronger or weaker, but that is your choice. A lot of you probably have no idea what I am talking about right now. Some of you probably think I some kind of drug addict hippie. But for you that do understand have found your inner God. For those of you who don’t understand. No, I don’t do drugs and I am not a hippie. I am a normal Joe blow that works 8 hours a day and has a ranch style house and lives paycheck to paycheck. Guess what, I love my life and no I don’t love my job and I choose to not like it. Life to me is love, family, friends, mind, and skills. I want to tell you a little story.

July 1st 2003 I am standing in front of my 4 month old son Treston in the emergency room, minutes earlier he stopped breathing for reasons unknown at that time. My grandmother was there with my family and I. I called her because she has been a Christian for almost her whole life. I guess I was hoping for a miracle with her faith. Something did happen, as I prayed I could see golden rings around my eyes and I almost fainted I had to fight myself to not faint. During that moment it seemed as if my son looked at me and said goodbye. I immediately realized he was gone. As my girlfriend blamed God I could only stand there and realize that nothing more could be done and I could deal with that. Yes, I felt terrible that I had just lost my son but I knew this was how it was going to be and I didn’t blame anyone. I had the strength to comfort other people when I was the one that should have needed comforting. It hurts but everyday I am positive about the bad things in life and I realize that it’s all part of life. I have never been a Christian and never believe in organized religion, church, or to the point where I almost didn’t believe in God, but for some reason some energy or supreme power reached out to me to help me deal with what was happening. A miracle did happen July 1st 2003. No, it didn’t fix the cyst on my sons heart and it didn’t bring him back to life, but it did show me how to find my inner God. And I can honestly say that I will never be a Christian and I will not Judge you if you are.

The moral of my story is that you need to believe in yourself and others in order to reach your inner God. God is deep down in all of us and you just need to stop and look, listen, and feel the positive energy that is all around you because we are God together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

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