It's real evidence, isn't it?!

Many of those who wrote their stories here stated that there is no real evidence of God and of his son Jesus Christ. It’s all a alie. There is no evidence for all of the history printed in the Bible nor is there evidence for many so-called miracles.

But what about those miracles we have heard about on t.v. or read about in books or magazines. I’m sure everyone here has heard of such things as people that were declared braindead in a hospital briefly see a bright light or an angel with wings before they are revived.

What about exorcism? – you know, casting demons out of those who are possessed?

How about those who have had suffered some sort of long term physical problem are suddenly healed almost instantaneously when they pray with a minister while the minister’s hand is laid upon that person’s forehead?

What about speaking in tongues?

I’ve never seen it with my own eyes, but is any of this true?


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