lamb to the slaughter

Let's start with - I'm a Christian... now that we got that out of the way, I really wanted to say something because it looks like you guys are having fun on this site. I don't want to debate, I'm not educated enough for that, really.

It says this is a site for 'encouraging' ex-christians so I thought I would do some encouraging if I may. I have noticed from the posts I have read that many of you seem to be very educated, well read and obviously intelligent. I think it's great to actually use your mind and gain understanding, which many of you have.

I have also noticed a lot of wisdom in the things I have read - so much of 'religion' is a load of crap and we all do well to weed through the junk - seems to me many of you have done your fair share of weeding as it were. This too is good. It seems as defenders of the non-faith (not sure if that is what you call it) you do a great job... there are the odd just plain nasty responding posts which I figure are par for the course because it doesn't matter if you are christian or non with regards to bitterness. All is fair on this battlefield I suppose.

I don't need to tell you all the things you've already heard but I did want to say a few encouraging things - as a Christian, I'd rather build you up than tear you down. You all seem to be seekers of some kind of truth or you wouldn't have even got this far... so don't stop seeking just to battle out the christians - you are on a cool path, relentlessly pursuing truth and leaving a trail of lies, myths, stupidity, traditions etc in your path- what a breath of fresh air!

And to those of you who are full of bitterness toward christians... that's ok too, obviously if we can't handle it then we need to take a look at what we believe. I just find bitterness to be like a neon sign that says 'Hey somebody really hurt me and I don't like it!" And, I'm sorry that people hurt people because it really, well, hurts.

Thanks for giving the opportunity for strangers to wander through the site and have something to say... I was actually looking for 'testimonies' from 'christians' with regard to the 'Tsunami' and when I did my google search, there you were, right near the top! I had to check the site out cause I had never encountered an ex-christian site before.

Anyways... best to you all - I think you are an interesting and very lively bunch.


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