I am convinced of my beliefs

Well, You know they say misery loves company and if my comments end up for viewing I'll be surprised.

"For he that comes to God must come believing as a little child and that he is a rewarder of those that seek deligently after him" Most all the dialouge here has basically how the failures of others have affected you. People will always fail you.

While it may not be enough for you, the record that we have is what we have and thats it. The Bible. This is not about believing in a method of living or a religion that fits. In centuries past here those of you here would be referred to by the Jews as "Goyim"( no god). " And the Jews left Egypt and the mixed multitudes followed.

There have always been that have chosen to follow after god and Gods people. So now you don't have one doesn't mean that God doesn't exist because you say so or that he does because I say so. Again the record we have is what we have. "Many are called but few are chosen", "The just shall live by faith" I did read a few comments here made some of you, and it sounded as though you were Jew haters. God will deal with the Jews.WWll should have taught you that. Many here are very eduacated it seems as well. "But with your learning get wisdom" Everyone here needs to challenge his own position with God because thats the way we are judged in life, the same in the hereafter. It's between you and him alone.

"Can the pot say to the potter, I do not like the way you have made me" Whatever your choices are there is one way to know that you are correct in your current beliefs and that is to die. This is something we all are going to do. Then you will have your answer for sure. Yes there have been many errors in how God has been presented to the word by men............ But I've heard it said better to be scared into heaven than to walk boldly into hell. You will recieve your reward, whatever it is. So you won't believe "

Some would not believe yet someone from the dead come and tell them". "The sheep hear my voice" God listens to those that call upon his name even to those who are not worthy like me a sinner saved by grace according to the word of God. And this is were it leads to whether you believe in the words of God or not. So people do not be so quick to judge Christians, they will be judged and they know this. "How shall they hear unless a preacher go and tell them". There is no need for a responce to me as I am convinced of my beliefs too.


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