you sure do hate him

Wow! For someone who says he doesn't exist, you sure do hate him so. Why is he the focus of your life? Huh. I think I'd just leave him behind and move on.

He showed me a vision the other day. He and I were having a diet coke at a 50's diner. The overwhelming feeling I got was that he really was focused on me and wanted to be with me. At first, I was like, diet coke? That's not what Jesus would want me to drink; it causes cancer. Then, he said to me--that doesn't matter--only you and me matter.

Then, the other day when I was taking my daily walk, I had another impression. He confided in me. He was crying and said--"Why don't they believe I love them?" And I said, "It's ok. Don't be upset." Wow! I comforted him this time.

Don't blame him. Blame the false teachers of him. He's not a mean man in the sky. He wants to breathe into you life, and then give you a vision of who you were meant to be. Our tiny minds cannot fathom what brought us to this point from so many thousands of years ago. Breathe in peace not perfection, but be patient. This patience will produce character, and character produces hope, and this hope will never disappoint you.

I long to be a grassy field where you can lay your head, with fragrant daisies in the breeze encircling 'round your bed, where no one demands of you or expects you to perform. I long to be a grassy field--a place of love for you. My Jesus lie down to rest--my field is for thee. Let me carress your heart and fill your needs. You've given all to me. Now, let me give to you. Rest now my Jesus. I love you. Though others might be your ring or be a jewel inside your crown, I long to be a place of rest--a place of love for thee.

I really admire you for knowing how to do all this website stuff. That takes talent, man--or woman. How do you do those graphics?

Seth's Sister

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