Why do you try to un-convert the Christians?

Here is a question I would like to ask. Why do you try to un-convert the Christians?

First off, that makes us as bad as them. Christianity used the same sort of speeches to convert them in the first place. Second, let the people figure things out on their own like they should be able to do. That proves that they willed themselves to change faith and that WE are not being the inconsiderate ones.

Another thing is that Atheism is not technically better than Christianity. Different atheist sources just hate Christianity because that is what they were told to do growing up creating the same problem you had with Christianity.

Lastly, Converting everyone from Christianity will just make the masses create ANOTHER christianity of some sort. What people practice can change but people will always stay the same, creating new practices. Consider this please because it really makes sense to me.

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Dark House Mafia and others said...

mmmhmm are you sure your not
A double talking christ follower
cause it sure seems that way
why is it the Jehovah witness's can come to my door
and preach there bullshit well id like to go to all of there doors and do the same you see you have it all wrong have you ever looked into WHAT these Christians have done to NON Christians in the crusades and other
little Torturous things theyve done
to witches(assumed That Is)
Pagans and those who just didnt believe
hmm what about if we do the same to you asshole eye for a eye a tooth for a tooth right
so give us the oppurtunity
to pay you all back for the slaughter you gave us A RETROVERTED CRUSADE in which we takke you all out take your books and sacred text burn them and
then lol try bto convert you with missionaries ok yes im pissed
read your history know what your religion has done think about it
yes i will forever try to stop ppl from becoming Xiatain ZOMBIES
the biggest cult of all
so if you really are not a christain theres no WAY youd think this way not after what theyve done to us for a thousand years or more whatever

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