Stephen Maguire - nut case.

Stephen Maguire wrote: Believe this YOU WILL DIE SOMEDAY AND YOU CAN'T STOP IT, rationalize that if you can, give me your arguments !!!! YOUR GOING INTO THE GROUND AND THATS THE END, IF YOU HAVE HALF A BRAIN YOU KNOW THATS NOT TRUE.
You mean to say all our loved ones we won't see again, PULL THE OTHER ONE THERE BELLS ON IT !!! :-)

Stephen Maguire wrote: Hey all you good people your webmaster in his wisdom has blocked me again so can some of you remind those in the EX JW POSTING THAT I HAVEN'T RUN AWAY BUT IN TRUTH THE WEBMASTER HAS BLOCKED ME, MAYBE I HIT A NERVE.
He knows i'm a treat to his lies and deceit,and that not all of you but some are in league with the devil, and are pretending to not believe in God, so don't be fooled by him, LONG RUN THE FOX, until it is eventually caught, like Sadam down a spider hole.
No offence Sadam just an anology.

stephen Maguire wrote: Hi Dave just dropped in to see how you were doing, not very clever of you blocking me, if you hadn't done that I would have been gone long ago but now it's personal.

Anyway still selling your corrupt tee-shirts on the web, making loads of money out of ex-christian ???

Your as bad as those corrupt preachers, hows Mandylibra keeping, sorry you suffered so much in your life, I have too but have to get on with it, the only comfort I had when growing up was looking at the King of suffering, and thats why Jesus said that no servant is greater than the master,if the master suffered,then we aren't going to escape it, don't worry I HOPE YOU SEE YOUR UNBORN CHILD AGAIN, OH YES GOD HAS TAKEN CARE OF THOSE UNBORN CHILDREN AS WELL, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD.
I will pray for you and if you like you can e-mail me personally, it's up to you.
Anyway Dave Van the man, nice to speak to you again, sorry people if I DON'T reply to you, but Dave has decided to block me, but I ALWAYS GET THROUGH, he only wants you to hear what what pleases him, thats paramount to Communism, oh well some things never change.

God BLESS you all I shall pray for you

Stephen Maguire wrote: Not a chance of Christanity dying out, we have the word of Jesus on that one, "PETER UPON THIS ROCK I SHALL BUILD MY CHURCH AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT"

Hey webby still unable to block me, I don't know you are losing it,inspite of me trying to help you out here letting you know i'm on a proxy server.

Oh !!! well just when you thought it was safe to switch on your computer, here comes Stevie boy !!!!

This is fun I like this website, bye Dave you good old ex-Chritian you, have a nice day.
Oh I was thinking of hacking your website and shutting you down, but unlike you I believe in freedom of speech, so decided against it.
Ok bye my good buddies.
Stephen ;)

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