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Thursday, May 27, 2004                                                                                       View Comments

Dinosaurs in the Bible?

I'm just starting to look through your site, and so far, I'm pretty impressed. It looks like you have a lot of information and it's very professional in lay-out. This is to say, I have a lot of respect for you and your opinions (directly related to the presentation), and I believe that you have a lot of knowledge (more than me) when it comes to the (apparent) problems with Christianity.

I say apparent becuase I am indeed a Christian. I do have a huge distrust against the "organized" church, which is anything but. I don't attend church, except rarely, because I believe that much of what gets taught in church is a person's (pastor, etc) own beliefs or retoric or whatnot.

I don't know how much energy you now put into this site, but I thought it would be interesting to begin a conversation of sorts with you, if you would be interested. Having grown up within the church and now being a bit outside of it, I have always heard of problems with the Bible and with Christianity, but I haven't yet had an opportunity to seriously consider what they are. I believe that in order to be a "true" Christian, I must approach my beliefs and faith from a realistic point of view. I do not believe that blind faith is for everyone. Perhaps that might work for some people (there are different backgrounds, cultures, levels of intelligence), but I would like to seriously consider what I have been taught (I don't believe everything a pastor has told me), again, in a realistic and objective manner.

I took your Bible quiz--actually had fun and it made me laugh. I will not respond to all the questions, because, well...if you would like, I can respond. However, I do have a question/thought. More than one person (Sunday-school type setting) told me that the following verses referred to dinosaurs, and that the footnotes were not correct. Truth be told, they do make more sense as dinosaurs, I believe. I won't quote, but: Job 40:15 (brontosaurus, now apatosaurus) and Job 41:1 (though I can't remember which--my elementary knowledge of dinosaurus has greatly diminished).

Please let me know what you think. I'll continue to go through your website. I look forward to hearing from you.

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