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Tuesday, May 25, 2004                                                                                       View Comments

I'm sure you are wonderful people.... BUT!

While I completely support your freedom to choose your own path in life, express yourself and your views how you see fit, etc. It's rather profound the amount of hypocricy I have come across just browsing this particular site. There is alot of talk about the extreme persecution and lack of tolerance christians have inflicted on others. Do you yourselves not show a lack of tolerance? Do you yourseleves not persecute christians, catholics, etc. when you hold a standard that you are unable to meet? Not all people who hold religion at the center of their lives are out for world domination, commit mass murders, or out to force themseleves on others. Christians and catholics alike have some disreputable individuals in their history. There are alot pagans who have done some pretty awful things. Does that make all pagans abhorable and likely to do the same? Absolutely not! Should they all be lumped together and labled? Absolutely not! There are some pretty amazing pagans out there that as a christian, I am proud to call my friends. We respect each other, don't judge each other for our predecessors shortcomings, and above all accept each other beliefs and all. For some, it is what works for them. Just as being pagan, atheistic, or agnostic works for others. By the way catholocism and christianity are two seperate religions with different systems of beliefs. If you choose to continue to be judgemental, they should be judged seperatley according to the customs they bring forth. Lumping them together would be like saying an atheist and an agnostic are the same. Which by definition would not be an accurate assessment. Again, this is not an attack against your beliefs or you as individuals. I'm sure you are wonderful people. Just be careful that the fingers you point can't be turned around and pointed back at you.