I was never a Christian. My father was raised Catholic and my mom Baptist. They got married in a Methodist church and I went to a Lutheran congregation a few times as a child. Even as young as 4, the atmosphere bothered me; The abstract sermons, the rudeness of some children during youth group. The tight dress clothes seemed out of place, why dress up to find out what makes us human?

I asked my mother if I could stop going when I was ab out 5, because it was boring and I just had an odd feeling about it. The only other time I went into a church was a week-long Bible study at the same chruch building when I was probably 9. The arts and crafts annoyed me and seemed like busy work. I couldn't grasp the attitudes of the other children. I dropped out after 2 days. My brother conintued to attend, and I got phone calls, postcards and letters from the Pastor for 4 months afterwards. I got very angry at him for not leaving me alone.

I never professed Jesus, and always had an interest in biology, even at 6. I was the classic 80's dinosaur toddler, spouting out names and figures. In ther beginningof high-school I "became" Pagan and started expressing openly my probloems with Christianity. I later realized I didn't believe in any of those God(desses) either and just became my own personal mix of atheist-agnostic, not really knowing but feeling there wasn't a deity. I didn't care, I would be judged based on all the things I did here, which were comprised of a lot of volunteer work.

To top it off I was never a Chistian,I just love reading this site and wanted to espouse the great

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